A Message from Our Director


Grand environmental challenges facing the global community are complex and multifaceted and directly or indirectly influence human health and well-being. Addressing these challenges will require major breakthroughs in science, technology and policy that create and promote sustainable development and energy use and improve natural resource integrity and resiliency in ways that foster vibrant communities and healthy populations.  These breakthroughs, along with the development and implementation of strategies to effectively meet these challenges, will require novel interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches combining expertise from traditional academic disciplines. 

Through the establishment of a novel cross college institute, the Institute for Sustainability and the Environment (ISE), the University of Kentucky is committed to meeting these challenges, leveraging and augmenting existing strengths in environmental science and policy to develop a flexible world class organization poised to address society's most pressing problems.

I hope you enjoy visiting our web site. Please feel free to contact us for a visit to the University and the Institute at any time or for more information.


Rebecca McCulley, Ph.D.
Tracy Farmer Institute for Sustainability and the Environment


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