2013: 3rd Annual Research Showcase

October 9, 2013
UK Student Center Ballroom

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Arnim Wiek, School of Sustainability, ASU

Transformational Change for Sustainability: Preparing the Next Generation of Professionals

Dr. Wiek is an Assistant Professor in ASU's School of Sustainability.   He has conducted sustainability research on urban development, land use conflicts and resource management in several European countries, Canada and Sri Lanka.  His research has focused on the question of how research between scientists and non-academic partners from government and the civil society is initiated, facilitated and institutionalized to support sustainability transitions.


Graduate Category:

Leslie Hammond, UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Compost Bedded Pack Dairy Barns: An Alternative Nutrient Management Strategy & Organic Based Fertilizer
Advisor: Mark Coyne

John McMaine, UK Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Hydrologic Characterization of a Rain Garden Mitigating Stormwater Runoff from a Commercial Area
Advisor: Carmen Agouridis


Undergraduate Category:

Rachel Adams, UK Department of Civil Engineering
Sediment response to extreme hydrologic events in small disturbed watersheds: Implications for climate change
Advisor: Jimmy Fox

Adam Hancock, UK Department of Agricultural Economics
Augmenting Renewable Energy Output of Workout Equipment by Changing User Behavior
Advisor: Wuyang Hu


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