Faculty Spotlight

Helen Turner

Dr. Helen Turner is an Assistant Professor of Kentucky School of Intriors, she is a faculty representative on the UK President's Sustainability Advisory Council (PSAC) and on the UK Faculty Sustainability Council (FSC). In short, she has a great deal of insight into promoting sustainability on campus and she agreed to sit down with TFISE and tell us about some of her past and current projects.

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Sarah Lyon

Dr. Sarah Lyon of UK’s Anthropology Department, in collaboration with Dr. Tad Mutersbaugh of UK’s Geography Department, was recently awarded funding by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to continue research on fair trade, organic certified coffee production in Mexico and its influence on the social and economic livelihood of local farmers, specifically women farmers.  Dr. Lyon’s research has taken her to the highland coffee producing areas of Oaxaca, Mexico to survey coffee plots, interview farmers, and to observe and participate in activities related to coffee production, producer organizations, and community life. From this research, the researchers hope to identify some of the barriers to women’s participation in agriculture with the goal of informing future policies and programs to promote gender equity and women’s access to productive resources.

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Jason Unrine

Faculty members from the University of Kentucky, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences have recently  received renewal of funding to participate in the Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEINT). Drs. Jason Unrine, Paul Bertsch and Olga Tsyusko have participated in this center for nanoscale science and engineering funded by the National Science Foundation and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since it was established in 2008.  The original funding period was from 2008-2013, but was recently extended to 2018.  This competitive renewal speaks volumes about the quality and impact of the cutting edge, fundamental research conducted by the center.  CEINT is a collaboration between scientists from Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Virginia Tech, University of Kentucky, and Stanford University and was funded to explore the potential environmental exposure, biological effects, and ecological impacts of a variety of manufactured nanomaterials.

Dr. Unrine serves as the theme leader for cellular and organismal impacts and serves on the steering committee for the center.

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Alan Fryar

Alan Fryer

In 2013 Dr. Alan Fryar of UK’s Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) Department was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Program scholarship by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. For his project, Dr. Fryar worked with Prof. Lahcen Benaabidate (Faculté des Sciences et Techniques – Fès) to study the influence of climate change on spring flows in Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains.

Dr. Fryar’s research encompasses recharge, flow, and chemistry in regional sedimentary aquifers; natural attenuation of contaminants; groundwater-surface water interactions; transport of sediments and bacteria in karst aquifers; water resources in developing countries; and the history of hydrology. Dr. Fryar is responsible for the development and/or delivery of several EES courses including EES 585 (Hydrogeology), which focuses on the occurrence and movement of groundwater and its role in the water cycle, and EES 385 (Hydrology and Water Resources), which covers occurrence, movement, and quality of fresh water in the water cycle.

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